Midlife Crisis Consumerism

New Midlife Crisis models in Stock Now. #mislifecrisis #consumerism #environment #satire . He dies with the biggest carbon footprint does not win.

Landscape. Intertwined

Another landscape influenced by Australian artist Fred Williams.


02-05-16 landscape

Intertwined. Mick Keast. 3-5-2016. Ink and watercolour.


Abstract Landscape

Wet painting in ink. Allowing colours to bleed into each other.


02-05-16 abstract landscape

Landscape. Mick Keast. 3-5-2016. Ink on Cartridge Paper.



The foot is an integral part of the human body. It is unique to each individual. It represents the footprint man makes. It is integral to what man has evolved to become.


Foot. Mick Keast. 27-4-2016



I Found this bottle brush finding its niche on a rock in a creek. It’s like a natural bonzai.


27-04-16 oasis plant

Oasis. Mick Keast. 27-4-2016


Paint Between the Lines

Somewhat offhand political statement. Our education system always wants us to paint inside the lines. Our political thought is about boundaries and conformities.Think outside the lines . PLEEAAASSSEEEE.


26-04-16 lines

Inside the Lines. Mick Keast. 26-04-2016. 



This post in influenced by recent viewings of David Attenborough’s documentaries about the once great Barrier Reef.

The ability of ecosystems to regenerate is immense but they need help to not go beyond the point of no return. Life is precious and we need to rethink consumerism for the sake of ownership and economics.


26-04-16 organic

Organics: The REEF. Mick Keast. 26-04-2016


The Adventures of a Cow Named Koo

This is from a series of still lifes of the ridiculous toy cow named Koo.


20-04-16 cow koo

Koo in a Shoe. Mick Keast. 20-4-2016


Abstract bird

This is a random set of organic lines that eventually presented itself as an abstract bird. In ink on paper.


20-04-16 abstract bird

Abstract Bird. Mick Keast. 20-4-2016



Watercolour and ink organic painting/drawing.


13-94-16 organic

Organic. Mick Keast. 13-4-2016